Summary of Research History on the Origin and Systematics
of Slit Stone Earrings


 I summarize the current of major researches on the origin of slit stone earring in Japan. Before the WW2, Torii Ryuzou thought slit stone earrings had come from the continent, though Higuchi Kiyoyuki thought they were unique to Japan islands, After the WW2, Yamauchi Sugao pointed out QingLianGang culture in the Chinese Neolithic era as the origin of silt stone earring and Fujita Fujio and An ZhiMin sought the originals in JiangNan area, Southeastern China.
 Recently researchers attempt not only to compare the variations of slit stone earring, but also to argue from the combinations with other stone ornaments. Also, researchers find out there are significant slit stone earring (ornaments) in Northeastern district of China and Primorskii state, Russia, which compare to those of JiangNan area, and come to pay attention to the Northern area as the origin.

The Origin and Developement of Jade Culture
in the Religion around japan Sea
(Toyama city,Japan)

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